Allison, Don and Noah discuss whether Israel’s missile defense system, which probably saved hundreds of Israeli lives in this war, actually saved Hamas from destruction and undermined Israel’s image as a civilized state in the eyes of the West.


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Photo: An Iron Dome Missile Defense battery near the Southern Israeli town of Ashdod fires an intercepting missile on July 14, 2014. Credit: David Buimovitch/Flash90.

4 comments on “Iron Dome saved lives, but at what cost?

  1. William Quakequill says:

    So Benny Morris has volunteered to be under direct fire of rockets? This is like facing a firing squad while both the shooters and the condemned are blind folded. Apparently this is the great historian’s answer to the theory that Israel has too many advantages in the pursuit of survival. Thus, once Israel allows citizens to die in much greater numbers then Israel can take greater action. Wow! What a great way to try to control the war propaganda debate. Remember friends this is only an debate; however, if you agree with the professor and adopt his view then during the major next rocket and mortar barrage, turn off the defensive “Iron Dome,” put your blind folds, die in much larger numbers and embrace the flood of concern the world will have toward Israel. Yeah, of course the result of “great concern” must follow. What the hell! Why not give a go?

    1. George Wallace says:

      Well folks, “by George” I think Williams has it!

      1. William Quakequill says:

        Well … George, “by George,” thank you for your comment – quite funny really!

  2. Margalit Shinar says:

    I agree with William Quakequill. The fact that we “lost” the PR war is irrelevant. We always lose it. And if there had been many Israelis casualiies it would have changed something? Remember that during the second intifada when about 1000 Israelis civilians were killed Israel garnished not ONE JOT of world sympathy. Even worse when the victims are “settlers”. They deserve it after all.

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