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It’s a challenging claim by one of our most astute public intellectuals: the ascent of chauvinist Jewish pride is a sign that Zionism has failed.

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This is a segment from The “A Girl, and I Shoot Well!” Edition.

2 comments on The Problem with Jewish Pride

  1. Janicerous says:

    I think Miriam states calmly her thoughts. I am curious why this cannot be a thoughtful conversation instead of the old Back and forth of I am right you are wrong scenario. It s simply immature

  2. apikoyros says:

    I clicked on your podcast because of the provocative topic and title (and even accepted your infantile “expressiveness” using “Anglo” profanity). Perhaps I am of the last post-Holocaust generation (Yiddish and Hebrew speaking) who understands Jewish pride simply as that. You saw no irony in the question that you were discussing while sitting in an Israel deliberately built by “proud” Jews. I can’t help making a comparison to “Eurotrash” effortlessly inheriting and squandering what they have to be proud of.

    You might have been kind (and serious) and provided a link or source for the “earth-shaking” Eva Luz(?) article so that we could evaluate it for ourselves rather than listen to or accept your personal “fucking” opinions (which don’t really go anywhere except reflexively back on yourselves)?

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