A Big, Beautiful Wall?

Photo Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

We discuss the huge 10 meter high concrete wall being built along Israel’s northern border, to separate us from Lebanese and Syrians who might want to do us harm; is the safety the wall affords worth the diplomatic, environmental and spiritual price we pay for surrounding ourselves with ghetto walls?

This is a segment from The “Big, Beautiful Wall” Edition.


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3 comments on A Big, Beautiful Wall?

  1. Greg Pollock says:

    I have come to see Israel as ahead of the curve or wave. Yes, Zionism at the nation’s founding seeded much of what you now face, but by no means all. The Sinai wall has nothing to do with Zionism but rather the economic engine it created–refugees want to go there. WB, Lebanon, and Gaza walls/fences are also in large part demographically driven. Climate change is introducing a hard world, and Israel has lived in a hard world all its days. This is why I think analysis of your land important. Not because of the Holy Land as such, nor Zionism, nor geopolitics, but because these elements have made you a crucible for futures elsewhere. As have your decisions.

    You have never not lived in interesting times, and for that I am sorry.

  2. Marc Vogedes says:

    Greetings from Germany. Maybe there a few pieces of Our wall left, which you can import. Unfortunately I have to tell you that the non democratic, fearing the reality society was inside the wall! Good luck with your experiment! You gonna need it!

  3. Gary Walk says:

    In June, as part of a Palm Beach County Jewish Federation mission, we were given a tour of a portion of the fence and wall between Jerusalem and the territories by the man who designed them (I think his first name was Danny). I remember that at the end of the tour, he said that he wants to be the first person to begin to dismantle them when the time comes. To me that is the essence of Israel: having a firm grip on reality with one hand, and reaching to heaven with the other. Not to build the wall risks physical death, and not to work to bring the time when it can be removed risks spiritual death.

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