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The hottest thing in these elections is a radically libertarian, pro-weed-legalization, separation of Church and State party that also wants to annex the occupied territories tomorrow. WTF?

This is a segment from The “Banned on the Run” Edition.


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One comment on “The Feiglin Effect

  1. Idrah says:

    Libertarianism seeks to preserve the right for everyone to live as they see fit, as long as they do not impinge on the security or freedoms of others. So it is in no way incompatable with Torah judaism, which I happily practice in an orthodox manner without transgressing my libertarian ideals because I don’t limit anyone else’s freedom to live by halacha or not. Libertarians just want government to stop telling everyone what to do. The Torah is there if you want to follow it but doesn’t compel you, and a libertarian orthodox Jew won’t compel you either, though under certain circumstances he won’t count you in a minyan or allow you to serve as a witness, but do you care?. As for the vaccine question, I live in a community where many families choose not to vaccinate – and I oppose that and believe it to be a public health hazard, but the fact is that they refuse vaccinations for their children and are not criminalized for it, so it sounds like a non-issue. Same thing with pot, which I don’t smoke but am 100% in favor of legalizing, not only in accord with libertarian principles but because the criminalization of marijuana is a cost-heavy system that drains the nation’s taxes, it doesn’t actually suppress marijuana sale and use effectively, and we all know now that marijuana is less of a health and social hazard than alcohol, don’t we?
    For the record I am a 55 year old woman who has lived half my life in Israel, and I have been a thoughtful libertarian since 1983. I will definitely support a libertarian party, even though I don’t support every aspect of their platform, and am not any more concerned about rogue politicians in Zehut than in mainstream parties. I’d be thrilled to see the political system in this country shaken up and be forced to greater accountability.

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