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Bernie Sanders speaks out against “apartheid-like conditions in Palestine.” Just after we got used to millennial democrats harshly criticizing Israel, do we need also to get used to nearly octogenarian democrats harshly criticizing Israel?

This is a segment from The “Crossing Lines” Edition.


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4 comments on Scorched by the Bern

  1. Manuel Gold says:

    I am stunned by the colossal ignorance of the so called Progressive, (actually Regressive) attitude to Gaza and the “occupation,” in the West Bank. I am a lifelong liberal Democrat and I am terrified what this policy could lead to. The problem with Gaza is not Israel, it’s Hamas. Israel withdrew completely from Gaza and it became the haven for Hamas and their commitment to the utter destruction of Israel. The Great March of Return is about retaking all of “Palestine.” The conditions in Gaza are due to the Hamas use of the millions from Qatar to acquire rockets and tunnels and weapons to destroy Israel, not to help the Gazans. They kill any Gazan who opposes them. If the boycott were ended, weapons from Iran would flood into Hamas/Gaza. Those weapons are not there for decoration. I am shocked and dismayed that you cannot see that.
    As for the “occupation,” that could have ended at any point in the past 70 years if they were willing to accept the existence of Israel. In 1948, the area designated by the UN for a Palestinian state was larger than Israel. Israel accepted. Every Arab war of destruction has now transmorphed into its latest stage, playing the innocent victim to get world sympathy. That seems to work with you too. The fact that Palestinian textbooks teach that their greatest goal is to grow up to kill Jews, makes it almost impossible to believe a future Palestinian population would want anything less than the destruction of Israel. Palestinian polls show that thewould elect Hamas to govern them. I used to favor a two state solution. I am now afraid that that is long way off. Again, it’s not israel’s fault, it’s the failure of the Palestinians to accept less than “from the river to the sea.” Any Palestinian leader would have his life shortened, as happened to the courageous Anwar Sadat, if they chose to make peace with Israel, without the “Return.” The goal of the “Return” is to overrun and erase the state of Israel.
    I wonder why you and the millennial Progressives can’t see that.

  2. Manuel Gold says:

    Additionally, if my Democrats chose one of these “Progressives” who blame Israel for everything, and fail dismally to put any pressure on the Palestinians, to be the Presidential candidate, I would not vote at all, even if it meant the re-election of that horror of all horrors, Donald Trump. I would just wait for 4 years for that era to end.

    1. Mary Jane Card says:

      Manuel Gold….I was with you up to the end. I am not a Jew and I can see and read the level of Jew hatred that is roiling up, the old tropes revived,,Jewish take over of the world,, Jewish plan to,enslave everyone, to capture all the global wealth. That’s in the air. I have seen the intimidation of Jewish students and their supporters. There is something ‘in the air’ and it stuns me to see denial or ignorance of this movement in its current incarnation. So much is bolstered up by the parroting of righteous defense of Gazans and West Bank Arabs.Most people know next to nothing about the actual facts or on-going events but what the. active, well funded Palestinian/ supporters activists holler at them, both Arab and Jew.
      But where you lost me was your nasty and brainwashed depiction of President Trump as the ‘horror of all horrors’. What a stupid blind and knee jerk over emotional and moronic thing to post. For one thing, if you care about Israel, if you care about students who now have someone sticking up for their right to speak and be Jews on campuses, then you better get behind Trump, because he’s the only one doing it. But maybe you prefer a slick grinning star- worshipping liar like Obama was to a rougher blunter and productive style of leader. Maybe you only care for appearance. Because Trump is not a horror. That would be manifest by whoever else you chose to support.

  3. Tzila says:

    There isn’t another word than octogenarian ? In my opinion it’s a shame

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