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At 1 a.m., Netanyahu’s cabinet decides to grant the Shin Bet, Israel’s secret service, the power to track COVID-19 sufferers and, along the way, the rest of us, too.

Do desperate times demand such desperate measures, or is this a step (way) too far?

This is a segment from The “Don’t Kiss the Wailing Wall!” Edition.


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2 comments on “Keeping Tabs

  1. Michael Luther says:

    Another partisan move by the Loony Left.
    You sound like 60s Hippies.
    This epidemic is worse than Terrorism.
    Read your History books, not your Little
    Red Book.
    No thanks!

  2. Ary says:

    The last thing I was expecting to hear words like “occupied territories” in these podcasts. It made me cut short the listening 🙁

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