“The Revolt of Diaspora Jews”?

Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Are we seeing a “revolt” of Jews in England, America and elsewhere in the diaspora against Netanyahu’s planned annexation of territory in the West Bank?

This is a segment from The “Making & Breaking History” Edition.

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1 comment on ““The Revolt of Diaspora Jews”?

  1. Nitza Medina says:

    The palestinians don’t negotiate for peace since over 20 years and they refuse Trump place without even seeing it. So they don’t want peace they prefer to indoctrin their youth to kill Israelis and than pay them for that. In the meantime they get all kind of help from Israel. Israel want to Implement sovereignty in area C that is already under israeli control, and so to make sure the settlements their will be under israeli law, which now isn’t the case. Many israelis are afraid to get second Gaza in the West Bank if it is going to be an own state. This has nothing to do with apartheid or racism, which is BDS talks.

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