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Is there a fair way to cajole people to vaccinate? Fining ’em? Keeping ’em from working? Banning them from basketball arenas? Public shaming?

This is a segment from The “Carrots & Sticks” Edition.

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2 comments on “Carrots & Sticks

  1. Rafael says:

    “shut the fuck-up”…
    that’s really high-level comment on a podcast!
    high-level discussion!
    total disrespect…

    1. Helene Gati says:

      I am totally shocked by how effectively you have been brainwashed. The so called safe vaccine- in Israel FDA approved- is approved only for emergency use on Pfizer’s own site. Since Covid accounted for all these deaths this year…where are the deaths from other diseases? Curiously, they barely exist this year. The average mortality in Gernmany is 81. The average Covid death occurs at 84 at the moment. Hmmm. You want to protect the old? Feed them Vit D! You want to treat people? Use Homeopathy. They do so very effectively both in India and Cuba, where there is no mone to squander. Barely any deaths. Costs peanuts. No side effects. Our statitics are twisted, learn to look at them better. 99.9% of the population won’t even know they had anything at all if they got infected or had very few symptoms. Until now we used to call these perons h e a l t h y. And they developed antibodies the natural way, for life. Here comes a vaccine of which nobody knows the outcome of in a few years. And of course there will be many more mutations and more vaccinations and fear mongering in store. And you truly believe, everybody m u s t take it? Are you in your right mind? There might be allergies, cross allergies, auto immune problems of unknown quantity and severity. Things you have no clue about. And you give a damn about it in your ignorance! The WHO changed the definition of what is a Pandemic from rapid spreading plus high mortality to just rapid. And that vaccine induced immunity of a substance of which we do not know it’s long term consequences – is superior to naturally acquired immunity. Switch on your brain already! Think for yourself! I am a healthy human being and don’t want this vaccine make me sick!

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