Not the opposite of charm: Israel’s Club Music – Alt+TLV

Today’s show brings the deep sounds of made-in-Israel House and Techno music, alongside new songs from the local Indie scene.

Kol Cambridge Time Machine: 1990 – 2000

DJ Antithesis brings you all the best Israeli music from the 1990s as part of his new ‘Time Machine’ series.

Polka for punks: the post-holiday edition – Alt+TLV

Today’s show presents the sounds of downtown Jerusalem, some memories of InDnegev and even a pensive track for the Tel Aviv University students.

The Kol Cambridge Time Machine: 1980 – 1990

DJ Antithesis brings you all the best Israeli music from the 1980s as part of his new ‘Time Machine’ series.

This weekend in the Negev: InDnegev Festival – Alt+TLV

This show introduces some of the artists who will be performing in the InDnegev Festival (Indie Negev) this weekend.

The Kol Cambridge ‘Simchat Torah’ soundtrack

We’re celebrating Simchat Torah – the conclusion and recommencement of the cycle of the Torah reading – with a specially themed show.

The Kol Cambridge Sukkot soundtrack

Tune in as we transport you back thousands of years to a time of wandering in the desert, together with all your favourites songs of the festival.

Beat it: A spot on the Tel Aviv record label ‘Raw Tapes’ – Alt+TLV

This show brings you a few of the latest releases on the Alternative scene, and focuses on ‘Raw Tapes.’

Songs of ‘slichot’: The Kol Cambridge Yom Kippur soundtrack

Kol Cambridge helps set the tone at this time of repenting, stock-taking, and general thoughtfulness.

Fellow Kuti: An hour with Israel’s genius music producer – Alt+TLV

This edition of TLV1’s alternative Israeli music magazine is dedicated to Kutiman, one of Israel’s most prolific and creative musicians and producers.