In-depth, long-form interviews with scholars, writers, and thinkers about their work and ideas that make up the debate in and about Israel.

“The Tel Aviv Review deals with all aspects of Israeli intellectual life, in an undogmatic spirit of free inquiry, showing everything the place has to offer in this area, across the spectrum.”
— Dr Gabriel Noah Brahm, Northern Michigan University
“The Tel Aviv Review has become my indispensable companion on the road and an always provocative challenge to my own fixed ideas. This podcast is easily on the level of the best public radio interview shows in America. Kudos for making this unique contribution to the intellectual life of Israel.”
— Martin Kramer, founding president, Shalem College, Jerusalem
“The hosts' probing questions revealed a sophisticated grasp of modern European history and politics, their intersection with the history of Israel and a welcome ability to listen to what I said and respond with thoughtful follow-up questions.”
— Prof Jeffrey Herf, University of Maryland

Recent Episodes

A Rainbow of Complexities in Palestine

Why is the LGBTQ global movement intensely invested in the Palestinian cause, and when does a social movement grow or plateau? Sa'ed Atshan asks and answers these questions in “Queer Palestine and the Empire of Critique.”


Idiomatic Expression

When Robert Berman, an American Jewish immigrant to Israel began studying Arabic, he didn't stop until he had written a book full of idioms. Together with language expert Christy Bandak as editor, the linguistic duo explain what “his face is good on me” conveys in Arabic, and why there is a whole chapter on fingers.


Israeli Democracy in 2021: Close To Breaking Point?

Ahead of another election, Yohanan Plesner, President of IDI, explains the requirements needed to come out of the ongoing political crisis that has left Israel without a stable government, a state budget for three years on end, and an effective response to the Covid pandemic


About the Hosts

Dr. Dahlia Scheindlin

Dahlia is a public opinion expert and an international political and strategic consultant who has advised electoral and civil society campaigns in over a dozen countries, in especially in post-communist societies and transitional democracies in addition to five national campaigns in Israel. She has worked as a senior analyst for the Washington-based global polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research; the director of international campaigns at GCS Issue Management, and a researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute.

Gilad Halpern

Gilad is a journalist, broadcaster and media historian. He is also a founding co-editor of the Tel Aviv Review of Books magazine, an English-language online quarterly, and an Idit Fellow at the University of Haifa, researching the history of the Jewish press in Mandatory Palestine. Previously he was Managing Editor for Ynetnews and Assignments Editor for Haaretz English Edition. His work appeared on the BBC, Al Jazeera, Al Monitor, Time Out magazine, the Jewish Quarterly and the Jewish Chronicle.