Tel Aviv Review

Zionism, Apartheid, Blackface: Africa in Israeli Culture

In the early years of statehood, Israeli culture was teeming with references to Africa. Israel’s fascination with the black continent derived from particular cultural, political and social contexts that are analyzed in a new book.

Menachem Begin: Israel’s most ‘Jewish’ leader

Dr Daniel Gordis, author of “Menachem Begin: The Battle for Israel’s Soul,” explains why Israel’s sixth prime minister was the country’s most “Jewish” leader.

Alfred Dreyfus, the man behind the affair

A new exhibition at Beit Hatefutsot – the Museum of the Jewish People – explores the private life of the most unintentionally famous Jew of modern times.

Ciao, Jews: Mussolini’s race laws under scrutiny

Prof. Michael Livingstone of the School of Law at Rutgers University, author of the forthcoming The Fascists and the Jews of Italy: Mussolini’s Race Laws 1938-1943, talks about this often overlooked episode in modern European history, and dwells on his unique perspective as a legal scholar.

The first Zionist monkey

Elia Etkin of the School of History at the Tel Aviv University talks about her research of the history of the now-defunct Tel Aviv zoo between 1938-1958, amid a changing political, social and cultural climate.

Soviet Jews: A social movement where none existed

Prof. Yaacov Ro’i, author of “The Jewish Movement in the Soviet Union,” discusses the specific features of the movement and what distinguished it from other dissident movements in the Communist bloc.

Is Israel Really Unfairly Singled Out in the Western Media?

Dr. Elad Segev of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Communication discusses Israel in the Western Media.

Drought dodgers: Israel’s water policy analyzed

Dr Michael Gilmont of King’s College, London, who has studied the policy of water management in Israel over the years. This winter is the driest Israel has known in its recorded history – should we be thankful to consecutive governments for their forward planning that left us with a sufficient amount of fresh water despite the severe drought?

Ariel Sharon: Larger than life

Distinguished Israeli journalist David Landau joins Gilad Halpern in the studio to discuss his recently published book ‘Arik: The Life of Ariel Sharon.’

When the Cracks in Israeli Collectivism Started to Show

The great immigration of the late 1940s and early 1950s had an immense impact on Israeli society at large, but how did it affect old-timers?