Jacob Robinson Institute Podcast Series

Jacob Robinson Institute for the History of Individual and Collective Rights | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Minority Rights and Jewish Non-Territorial Autonomy in Interwar Estonia

Dr. Timo Aava examines Estonia's establishment of non-territorial autonomies during the interwar period, with a particular focus on the Jewish self-government case, thereby providing intriguing insights into Estonia's treatment of minorities

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Diplomacy Without Sovereignty: The Zionist Movement at the League of Nations

Dr. Eran Shlomi discusses Zionist diplomacy and representation at the League of Nations, the UN predecessor, during the interwar period. He analyzes the League’s role in the Zionist path to statehood

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Law in Times of Crisis: The Life and Legacy of Jacob Robinson

Dr. Iris Nachum introduces the jurist Jacob Robinson (1889-1977), emphasizing his activism for minority rights and compensation for expulsion. A research institute in his name has recently been established at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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