Stephen Roth Institute Podcast Series

Tel Aviv University's Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism

The Holocaust on the Outskirts

Prof. Jan Grabowski discusses his new book “Night Without End: The Fate of Jews in German-Occupied Poland,” focusing on the generally overlooked stories of the persecution and liquidation of Jews in rural and provincial areas in Poland, following the Nazi occupation

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Jewish Life in the Time of ‘Illiberal Democracy’

Hungary's Jewish community is the largest in central and eastern Europe, and its regime the most 'advanced' among its neighbors in undoing the tenets of liberal democracy. How does this affect the memory of the Holocaust in the country?

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From Romania, For Cash

Dr Radu Ioanid, Romanian Ambassador to Israel and historian of Romanian Jewry, discusses how, over decades, hundreds of thousands of Romanian Jews were exchanged for money, livestock and goods

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Ordinary People: Polish-Jewish Relations During the Holocaust

Prof. Havi Dreifuss discusses her book “Relations Between Jews and Poles during the Holocaust: The Jewish Perspective,” laying out the myriad views and feelings Polish Jews harbored for their country and their non-Jewish compatriots.

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Antisemitism: Past and Present

Dr. Scott Ury and Prof. Guy Meron discuss their collected issue entitled “Antisemitism: Historical Concept, Public Discourse”

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From Genetics To Eugenics

Prof. Amir Teicher, a historian at Tel Aviv University, discusses the cooptation of a seminal, 19th-century genetic theory by a climate of racial categorization several decades on.

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