The Tel Aviv Review

The Jewish revival and the renaissance of the ‘Orient’

The research of Hebrew University’s Dr. Hanan Harif has focused on Zionist intellectuals, who regarded the Jewish revival in the Land of Israel as part of the renaissance of the so-called ‘Orient.’

Corporeal Zionism: The reinvention of the Jewish physique

Host Gilad Halpern interviews Dr. Nina Spiegel of Portland State University about a startling aspect of Zionism.

The Golden Age of the Shtetl

Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, professor of Jewish Studies at Northwestern University, posits that Medieval Spain wasn’t the only ‘Golden Age’ in Jewish history.

American Jewry: A community divided beyond repair?

Host Gilad Halpern asks Prof Dov Waxman why Israelis should be concerned with the troubles of the American Jewish community.

Reconciling ‘Jewishness’ and ‘Arabness’: A rainbow of Jewish thought in the Middle East

Host Gilad Halpern talks to Dr Moshe Behar about at the radically different positions of Jewish intellectuals in Arab countries at the turn of the century.

A ‘People’s History’ of the Warsaw Ghetto

Dr. Havi Dreifus outlines a ‘people’s history’ of the Warsaw Ghetto in its final months.

Israel’s third sector: When civil society precedes the state

Prof. Benjamin Gidron traces the evolution of civil society in Israel over the years.

Do mention the wall: Why borders still matter

Prof. David Newman – Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, professor of political science specializing in political geography and, more precisely, in borders – explains why borders are becoming more and more relevant today, even though the world is the proverbial global village.

Viewing the conflict through the Olive Tree Programme

The Olive Tree Programme at City University, London brings Israeli and Palestinian students together to study the conflict.

The Israeli who turned an entire nation on its head

Dr Moshe Cohen-Gil talks about his new book “The Israelis who Wished to Cure the World,” which tells the story of the pioneers of alternative medicine in Israel.