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A eulogy to a different kind of Zionism

Prof. Ofer Shiff of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, author of the recently published The Downfall of Abba Hillel Silver and the Foundation of Israel, talks about the American-Jewish leader who lost the argument for diaspora-based Zionism. 


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Airing grievances: A comparison of social protest movements

Naama Nagar, a sociologist from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was closely involved in two almost simultaneous social protest movements in 2011; in Wisconsin and in her native Israel. She draws parallels between the two.



Audioslave – Show Me How To Live

Otis Redding – I Love You More Than Words Can Say

Radiohead – 2+2=5

Geva Alon – Yam Shaket

Shalom Hanoch – Bagilgool Haze


Photo: Abba Hillel Silver. Credit: Daniel J. Silver / American Jewish Archives.

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