TEDx in Tel Aviv: What’s the Big Idea?


On October 12, 2015, Israel held its first large-scale TEDx event in the cavernous Hanger 11 at the trendy Tel Aviv Port. As we all know, the Start-up Nation punches above its weight when it comes to high-tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship. And yet, this celebration of big ideas came as the country is being turned upside down by terror, fear, and hatred.

TLV1’s Laragh Widdess was there at TEDxWhiteCity 2015. She met Tomer Avital, a campaigner for political transparency, Orit Perlov of the INSS, who spends her days chatting with young Arabs on social media, and Asher Svidensky, who tells unique stories through breathtaking photography. But it was only when she heard President Shimon Peres speak, and Arab high school principal Shirin Natour Hafi, that she began to wonder whether Israel’s big ideas are the right ones.

David Lewis Luong – Sweet Dreams
Buttering Trio – Falafel

Written and produced by Laragh Widdess

2 comments on “TEDx in Tel Aviv: What’s the Big Idea?

  1. Omer Zak says:

    Where is the textual transcript for deaf people, indexing by search engines and busy people who prefer reading to listening?

  2. Mimi says:

    i totally agree!

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