The Promised Podcast

The “Panthers and Cubs” Edition

We discuss 1) the addition of an activist to the Labor Party list who once called it a party of racist oppression 2) a revisionist history of the settler movement arguing that it was not about religious ideology but rather economy and class 3) whether it’s right or not to harangue Avner Netanyahu about the purported “sins” of his father

“The Elephant has Left the Building” Edition

We discuss 1) why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not a campaign issue in our incipient elections 2) an ad campaign showing PM Netanyahu with autocratish world leaders 3) the revolutionary advance of municipal bus service on the Sabbath

The “Two Party Solution” Edition

We discuss 1) whether Labor leader Amir Peretz is right that two leftist parties are better than one 2) whether the leaders of Israel’s new right-wing-consortium are right that one party to the right of the Likud is better than two 3) a new district court ruling finding that a man can be sued for not divulging to his fiancé-cum-wife that he prefers sex with men

The “Selling Out?” Edition

We discuss 1) Labor Party’s decision to merge with the center-right Gesher party 2) the foreign ministry’s decision to retool its diplomats into economic ambassadors, rather than political ones 3) an advertisement that has half the country wailing and gnashing its teeth about selling out Israeli culture for filthy lucre

The “And What If You Don’t Will It?” Edition

We discuss 1) signs of a new openness to cooperation between Jews & Arabs on the Left 2) a new book the purpose of which is “reclaiming Judaism from Zionism” in America 3) the legacy of the “Bund” in Israel, on the occasion of the closing of Tel Aviv’s “Bund House”

The “The Distance from You to Me” Edition

We discuss 1) Ayelet Shaked’s aspirations to lead Israel’s religious right, even though she’s as secular as can be 2) the woes of southern resort city Eilat 3) a week after we buried another Ethiopian kid killed by a police officer, what accounts for our omnipresent racism?

The “Parties Like It’s 1999” Edition

We discuss 1) the recombobulation of the Left, with reconditioned leaders: Labor’s Amir Peretz, Meretz’s Nitzan Horowitz and Ehud Barak of the no-name-party 2) is anything left of the right-wing Two-State-Solution? 3) whether hummus has a role to play in finding regional peace, following a new book that asserts that it might!

The “Huddled Masses Yearning for GDP?” Edition

We discuss 1) Blue & White party’s dilemma: Should they attack the ultra-Orthodox, whom they may want as coalition partners after the election? 2) the Trump “Deal of the Century” economic plan unveiled this week 3) the news that the second to last movie theater in Tel Aviv may soon close

The “Pleas Don’t Please” Edition

We discuss 1) the announcement by Avigdor Lieberman that he’ll force Likud and Blue & White to form a centrist, secular govt. 2) the plea bargain that put an end to Sara Netanyahu’s 4 year long trial for ordering expensive take-out food in contravention of govt. rules 3) on its 100th anniversary, what role does Ha’aretz play in Israeli politics and public life

The “Labor Savers?” Edition

We discuss 1) who should replace Labor Party head Avi Gabbay 2) new tricked-out hi-tech checkpoints that dramatically reduce the time it takes for Palestinians to enter Israel to work 3) newly appointed Likud Minister of Justice, Amir Ohana, the first out minister in Israel’s history, who was jeered and hounded from the Jerusalem Pride Parade