The “Passing Judgments” Edition

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Allison Kaplan Sommer, Don Futterman and Noah Efron discuss two topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Gantz and Gallant Game the Endgame
Two of five of the members of Israel’s “War Cabinet” tell Prime Minister Netanyahu that he has to figure out what comes next in Gaza. Or else!

The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court seeks warrants for the arrest of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant, the first time warrants have been sought for democratically-elected politicians. So will the world start arresting Israeli politicians when they travel abroad?

S**t’s Getting Real
For our most unreasonably generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra discussion: When sorority sisters turn on sorority sisters, you know sh*t’s gotten real!

All that and a memorial appreciation of Yael Dayan and a good bye to the old TLV1 studios. Plus more music in the sad spirit of our times.


  • Gon Ben Ari & the Zulat Choir — Vayehi Or
  • Yoni Genut — Gam Ki Eilech be-Gay Tzel-Mavet
  • Ella Joy Meir — Naatof Etchem Ba-Or

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3 comments on “The “Passing Judgments” Edition

  1. Jeffrey Rabin says:

    I love your podcast. My favorite feature (though I love all the features) is your review of personalities of “Old Israel,” though often it’s not only Old Israel because the personalities often just recently may have died. Today’s biography of Yael Dayan, in particular, was fanstic. I didn’t know anything about her, at all (other than that she was Moshe Dayan’s daughter), before your audio essay. What an amazing personality.

    This does not diminish in any way my admiration about the great analyses about Galant/Gantz, and the ICC. Those were also very informative and entertaining.

    1. Noah Efron says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write, Jeffrey, and so generously, too. I have made a bit of a study of Yael Dayan for years, as I was so fascinated by her when she was chair of the city council. She showed no human warmth whatsoever to me, or to anyone else in City Hall, as far as I could tell. But she was wonderful with her mother (herself a character) and with her kids. And, besides, she was brilliant at things that are no less important than making friendly small-talk in the hallway. She was a genius when it came to negotiating the politics of the refugees in Tel Aviv; I have no doubt that she saved dozens and dozens of lives, and many families. I came to deeply admire her. What a bit of great good fortune it was for me to get to meet someone like Yael Dayan, and to see her work from up close. If any of that came across in what I said, I am really glad.

      I know you’ve got important things to do, and the fact that you spent your valuable time writing to some people who make a podcast to say, I liked what you did, that is so kind of you.

  2. Warrick Alldridge says:

    Thanks to Lawfare podcast’s Benjamin Wittes telling the Bulwark podcast’s Charlie Sykes of his Lawfare special 10 Oct 2023 episode ‘… on the awful quite of this moment’ interview with you Noah, this Melbournian has not missed a PP episode since.
    You provide a refreshing long form perspective absent of ‘headlines’ for those of us seeking better insight & understanding of the complexities everyone in the region grapples with.

    Like Jeffrey R. I too knew nothing of Yael Dayan.
    Thank you for a wonderfully sweeping impression of her origin, her family & her life.
    The incomparably important topics of the podcast were, as always, equally enlightening. .
    And I always look forward to what floogs/uplifts/makes you smile each week & to so many wonderfully researched International Days !

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