Israel in Translation

Nothing But the Truth: Yael Dayan’s “Transitions”

Yael Dayan’s memoir, “Transitions: Close Up,” translated by Maya Klein, is about losses and regrets, with fine focus on the detailed physical world.

“We Don’t Exist in Gaza” and Other Poems

Today’s episode is about Israel’s impact on a particular literary endeavor in Gaza and features works from a young, talented poet in Gaza.

Flash Fables: Daniel Oz’s “Further Up The Path”

Daniel Oz’s collection of flash fables, “Further Up the Path,” are charming for the way they make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

There’s No Place Like Home: Eshkol Nevo’s “Homesick”

Eshkol Nevo’s first novel, “Homesick,” is the engrossing, interwoven story of an apartment community, told from multiple perspectives.

History Made Modern: A Folktale from S.Y. Agnon

Nobel Prize laureate S.Y. Agnon wrote his first novella over 100 years ago, but it still bears lessons for us in the modern era.

A Fairy Tale: Emile Habibi’s “Saraya, The Ogre’s Daughter”

Host Marcela Sulak reads three excerpts from Emile Habibi’s gorgeous novel “Saraya, The Ogre’s Daughter: A Palestinian Fairy Tale.”

Power, Politics, and Poetry from Meir Wieseltier

Marcela Sulak reads two pieces from award-winning poet Meir Wieseltier’s powerful collection “The Flower of Anarchy.”

Your ID, Haji: Preparations for Ramadan

Marcela Sulak reads her graduate student Iman Jmal’s story about preparing a Ramadan meal and a forgotten ID card.

Marking Shavuot With Michal Govrin’s “The Name”

To commemorate Shavuot, host Marcela Sulak reads from Israeli author Michal Govrin’s novel “The Name.”

Blacklisted Love: Dorit Rabinyan’s “All the Rivers”

Host Marcela Sulak reads from Rabinyan’s banned, bestselling novel about Jewish-Palestinian love.