The Promised Podcast – Segment

‘You Can’t Go Home Again’

After spending her salad days in Israel, author Ayelet Waldman emigrated to the U.S. and didn’t return for twenty years. Now she’s back for a visit and has come to the TLV1 studio to tell us whether, as Thomas Wolfe wrote, you can’t go home again.

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The thinnest of lines — between ‘Jewish’ and ‘Democratic’

A new report shows diaspora Jews view Jewish values as essentially democratic ones. But what about the rights of non-Jewish minorities in Israel?

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Romanticizing the Draft?

A Knesset member put forth a proposal to end the draft in favor of an all-volunteer army, but most Israelis are against it. Apart from the more practical considerations, canceling the draft would undermine Israeli society’s romantic and nationalistic image of the army as a melting pot and expression of citizenship.

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