The Promised Podcast


A proposed Jerusalem Cable Car will allow tourists and residents to go from Jewish West Jerusalem to the Wailing Wall without seeing a Moslem or Christian, except from an air conditioned cabin many meters above. Can transportation technology be politics by other means?

Not Not-Religious

A scholar argues that religion has osmotically entered so much of Israeli society, that it is no longer secular. Are we entering a “post-secular” age?

Leftier Than Thou

Instead of attacking Netanyahu, the Labor Party decides to attack his centrist opponent, Benny Gantz, as knock-off Netanyahu and right-wing stooges. Has the center-left gone Hobbesian?

Feel the Burn

Midburn is Israel’s Burning Man, and its growing by leaps and bounds. Why is it so popular?

The Feiglin Effect

The hottest thing in these elections is a radically libertarian, pro-weed-legalization, separation of Church and State party that also wants to annex the occupied territories tomorrow. WTF?

Banned on the Run

Should parties that spew rage and hate be banned from running in democratic elections? Here in Israel, the question ain’t academic.

Long Ago, in the Cowshed

An American-Israeli posts on Facebook that Benny Gantz, who is challenging Netanyahu for Israelis premiership, exposed himself to her 42 years ago, when they were both in high school. Now what?

أعتقد أن الأطفال هم مستقبلنا (I Believe Our Children are the Future)

More and more Israelis are sending their kids to Arabic-Hebrew bilingual schools. Are parents pursuing peace with their tots?

The Bombshell was a Dud

A week after the Attorney General announced he’d be indicted for bribery and breach of trust, PM Netanyahu is more popular than before. Why?

Moving Advice

Your friend asks for help moving into a new apartment in a West-Bank settlement. Should you do it?