The Promised Podcast

Je M’Accuse

A week after we buried another Ethiopian kid killed by a police officer, the eleventh in two decades, what accounts for our omnipresent racism? As Tolstoy never said, “Every racist society is racist in its own way.” What is our way of being racist?

Eilat: Hot, Fraught & Overwrought

What, if anything, ought to be done about the woes of southern resort city Eilat?

You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Be Religious, but It Helps

Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked aspires to lead Israel’s religious right, even though she’s as secular as can be. Must you be religious to be religious?

Protean Protein

Can hummus play a role in finding regional peace? A new book that asserts that it might!

Is a Dream a Lie If It Don’t Come True?

Ten years have passed since PM Benjamin Netanyahu endorsed a Palestinian state in his famous “Bar Ilan Speech.” Did that speech have an enduring impact on Israeli politics, or was it just a thing that happened long ago and then dissipated into the fetid vapors of time?

Parties Like It’s 1999

Israel’s Left recombobulates itself by returning to yesterday’s leaders, all of whom are men. What explains this sudden lurch to the Father-Knows-Best ghosts-of-politics past?

Last Picture Show?

Tel Aviv will soon have only one movie theater, down from more than 50. Why are pictures leaving the city and what, if anything, can be done about it?

Huddled Masses Yearning for GDP?

The Trump administration unveils its long awaited plan to enrich the Palestinian economy. Is it a Marshall Plan for our generation, or a Marie Antoinette-ish bit of Let-them-eat-cake-ism?

Black & Blue & White

The Blue & White party are facing a dilemma: Should they attack the ultra-Orthodox, whom they may want as coalition partners after the election? What should Blue & White say about the men in black?

A Contrarian Century

Ha’aretz celebrates a century of cheesing people off. What impact does this indispensable, infuriating newspaper have on Israeli politics?