The Promised Podcast

Breeding Socialists in Schoolyards

In 2019, if a person joins an “educators’ kibbutz,” forgoing money, property and autonomy for the sake of higher ideals, are they a cultish dupe or a vanguard of a better future? Is capital-normativity the last great hegemony?


A Hebrew U. prof who tells a student who complained about being treated uncivilly by a classmate because she came to class in uniform that she cannot expect others to treat her like a civilian when she’s dressed like a soldier. Should we be outraged?

Terrorists, Murderers or Just Kids?

Five fifteen years-olds suspected of killing a Palestinian mother of nine by pelting her car with rocks are interrogated by the Shin Bet without being allowed to consult a lawyer to speak to their parents. Are the kids’ rights are being trampled?

Left (Or, The Defenestration of Tzippi Livni)

Avi Gabbay, head of Israel’s labor party, defenestrates his main political partner on TV. But is there anything left of the left?

Center (Or, Plenty of Benny)

A general starts a new centrist party in Israel, joining forces with another general and, just like that, they’re number two in the polls, behind Netanyahu. Does the future of Israeli politics run down the middle?

Right (Or, Naftali & Ayelet’s Excellent Adventure)

Numbers one and two of the modern-Orthodox Jewish Home party, leave to start “The New Right.” It’s sad when kids run away from (The Jewish) Home.

Rash to Slash Our Stash of Cash?

Should Israel go “cashless,” or is that just more Big-Brotherization?

Alternative Modernity in Kiryat Gat

Does a traditional “Ethiopian farm” in Israel, with mud storehouses and subsistence farming, challenge the way the rest of us live?


Netanyahu calls new elections, spurring the talking heads to talk, the pundits to pund, the experts to expectorate, and all the rest of us to grasp our heads in our hands and rock back and forth while muttering, “Let something good come of this, Puleeeze.”

The Grinch and the Jewish Question

A big honkin’ Christmas tree goes up in the Ashdod Mall. Is it good to have more pluribus in our unam?