The Tel Aviv Review

Pride and Prejudice: The State of Israeli Democracy at 70

Ahead of the 70th Independence Day celebrations, Yohanan Plesner, president of the Israel Democracy Institute, discusses the past accomplishments and future challenges of democracy in Israel.

Imagined Religion: Reflections on the Origins and Spread of Judaism

Daniel Boyarin, Professor of Talmudic Cultures at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses his forthcoming book “Judaism: The Genealogy of a Modern Notions”, in which he argues that Judaism, as a full-blown concept, is a modern creation.

Oh Lordy: Reza Aslan on His ‘God: A Human History’

After writing books about the god of Islam and Jesus of Nazareth, religion scholar Reza Aslan takes on the biggest question of all: What does “God” mean, anyway? Aslan comes to a surprising answer which raises the question, does this make him a deep believer or an atheist?

Jews, Colonialism and Whiteness: The Latin American Case

Dr. Martina Weisz, a research fellow at the Hebrew University’s Vidal Sassoon Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism, discusses the place of the Jews in the Spanish and Portuguese colonial project, which started immediately after the momentous expulsion of the Jews from these countries, in the late 15th century.

Squaring the Circle: Islamic Theologians’ Encounter with Modernity

Prof. Uriya Shavit discusses his new book, an exploration of Islamic theologians’ efforts to harmonize religion, science and modern systems of government.

Men, Women and Children of the World: The Impact of Globalization on the Family

Prof. Daphna Hacker, an associate professor of law and gender studies at Tel Aviv University, discusses her new book “Legalized Families in the Era of Bordered Globalization”, which explores a phenomenon that is as understudied as it is widespread.

The Only Game in Town: Navigating the Conversion Charade

Dr Michal Kravel Tovi, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology at Tel Aviv University, discusses her new book “When the State Winks: The Performance of Jewish Conversions in Israel”, an account of the conversion process female migrants choose to undergo in the hopes of accelerating their integration into Israeli society.

My Halakha, Your Halakha: Between Jewish Law and Jewish Life

Dr. Leon Wiener Dow, a fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem, discusses his new book which explores the relationship between God, law prayer, practice, and community in Jewish law.

Get to Know Gaza Before the Next War

Why isn’t Gaza a Singapore by the sea, and is there any hope or route to improvement? Veteran journalist Donald Macintyre brings years of firsthand reporting to his deeply informative and equally colorful book “Gaza: Preparing for Dawn”.

No Arbitration Without Representation: Alternative Court Systems in America

Michael Broyde, professor of law at Emory University and former rabbinical judge, discusses the constitutional, legal, and societal implications of track two arbitration in the contemporary United States.