Tel Aviv Review

Us and Them: Is There Any Way Out?

Nurit Novis-Deutsch, a psychologist of religion, values, morality and identity, believes that people who perceive themselves as having a complex identity might be more tolerant of the “other.” Her research advances much-needed anecdotes to angry tribalism in today’s world.

When Zionism and Human Rights Got Along

Before human rights was a universally accepted concept, and before there was Israel, there were prominent Jews who supported both. James Loeffler tells the story of human rights pioneers and how their commitment grew out of the Jewish diaspora experience.

All the King’s Men: Tribal Leadership in Modern Jordan

Prof. Yoav Alon, a historian of the Middle East, discusses his award-winning book “The Shaykh of Shaykhs: Mithqal al Fayiz and Tribal Leadership in Modern Jordan.”

Matthew Goodwin: Get to Know the New Nationalists

Is the current wave of national-populism new, or is it rooted in older historic trends? Can its supporters be de-demonized, humanized or at the very least understood?

The Human Experience in Objects: The Case for Museums in the 21st Century

Are museums still relevant in the digital age? Neil McGregor, the former director of the British Museum, analyzes the enduring validity of museums in the age of technological upheavals and fake news.

Corruption: A Very Glocal Problem

Transparency International is among the most prominent global organizations fighting corruption through exposure, documentation and measurement. Delia Rubio, Chair of the organization, discusses the challenges, pitfalls and goals of their work, while Alona Vinograd of the Israel Democracy Institute brings the question of corruption home to Israel against the backdrop of a heated political stage.

Unlock the Mysteries of the Arab World

Shibley Telhami is the master of survey research in the Middle East. Through survey data, his research tracks and explains changes over time on the most sensitive public issues, from the Arab Spring, America, Israel, al Jazeera, and democracy.

Modern-Ultra-Orthodox: Israel’s Haredi Community at a Crossroads

Dr Gilad Malach, head of the ultra-Orthodox research program at the Israel Democracy Institute, discusses the findings of the 2018 statistical report on the ultra-Orthodox society in Israel, which he directed.

Body Politics: Bioethics and Medical Sociology, Revisited

Dr Hagai Boas, head of the Science, Technology and Civilization Program at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, discusses his co-edited volume “Bioethics and Biopolitics in Israel: Socio-Legal, Political and Empirical Analysis.”

OMG – Israeli Film Finds Religion

Israeli film scholar Dan Chyutin observes that Israeli film once reflected secular Israeli society, and religion appeared mainly as stage dressing. But in recent decades, a steady stream of films have put religion, especially ultra-orthodox Judaism, in the foreground. Is this a mirror of Israeli society? Or just an excuse to discuss our favorite films?