The Tel Aviv Review

Bottomless Pit: The Cairo Genizah and the Untold History of Medieval Jewry

Dr. Moshe Lavee, a Talmud scholar at the University of Haifa, tells us about the Cairo Genizah.

Sir Moses Montefiore: a world Jewish leader before such even existed

Abigail Green, tutor and fellow in history at Brasenose College, Oxford, talks to us about Sir Moses Montefiore.

Pop-Rock Music: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism in Late Modernity

Prof. Motti Regev talks about his book Pop-Rock Music: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism in Late Modernity.

The heritage of the Palestinian defeat in 1948

Lia Tarachansky, director of the film On the Side of the Road that tackles the way the Nakba is perceived in Israeli society today.

Bombay: Exploring the Jewish Urban Heritage

Dr. Shaul Sapir is a geography professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author of several books.

Why do Jews play a “ridiculously disproportionate” role in the sciences?

Dr. Noah Efron gives us his original take on a generations long question: Why are Jews so smart?

A Muslim and democratic state: Lessons from Indonesia

Dr. Giora Eliraz of Hebrew University discusses the exchange between the Islamic center and periphery on democracy and religion.

How Israel Abolished Trafficking in Women

Dr. Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe of the Tel Aviv-Yaffo Academic College tells us about her most recent study on women trafficking.

Israelis as well as Palestinians: The evolving national identity of Israeli Arabs

Dr. Itamar Radai of Tel Aviv University’s Moshe Dayan Center takes us through the complex and evolving national identity of Israeli Arabs.

Rise and decline of civilizations: Lessons for the Jewish People

Dr. Shalom Salomon Wald tells host Gilad Halpern what the Jewish Civilization can learn from others’ mistakes.