Kol Cambridge brings you into the new year with some amazing new releases! Check out the latest radio hit by Peer Tasi, and brand new tracks from Ivri Lider, Aviv Gefen, Beit HaBubot and many more.


Derech HaShalom – Peer Tasi

Rokedet BaLeilot – Yishai Levi

Saida Sol – Dana International

At HaEmet – Maor Edri

HaAhava Hazot Shelanu – Ivri Lider

Rapsoda – Shlomi Shabat

Hayiti Shar Lach – Aviv Gefen

Ze Lo Kol Ma Shekara – Beit HaBubot

Petzaim V’Neshikot – Monica Sex

Terminal Luminelt – Meir Ariel

Al Hagal Hakal – Lehakat Hanachal

Chelek Mimeni – Gad Elbaz

David Melech / Am Yisrael Chai – The Moshav Band

Rfoeni – Avraham Fried

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