Weekend Soundtrack – Kol Cambridge


Kol Cambridge returns to its regular format, about which we should all be extremely pleased! All the biggest new hits together with some classic tunes in the world of Israeli and Jewish music to get you in the mood for the weekend.

On today’s show: Brand new music from Eyal Golan, Dudu Tassa, Amir Benayoun and many others, including a first single in seven years from HaYehudim – not to be missed!



Dina Dina – Peer Tasi

Shar V’Cholem – Boy Band

Yalda Ktana BaMezach – Daklon & Sagiv Cohen

Livnot Uleharos – Dana Berger

Zug Yonim – HaYehudim

Yosef – Amir Benayoun

Shmor Alav – Eyal Golan

Ben Shel Aba Sheli – Dudu Tassa

Paamayim Ki Tov – HaParvarim

Shir BeArba Batim – Ofira Gluska

Rakefet – Ruchma

Retour A Sion – Shmoolik

Kdusha HaAdama – Ben Snoff

Ki Eshmera Shabat – Avner Shem Tov


Photo: HaYehudim by Pini Siluk

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