Weekend Soundtrack – Kol Cambridge


Kol Cambridge is back with all the biggest, brand new music, featuring hot new releases from Aviv Geffen, Hatikva 6, Shlomi Shabat and many more.

We are particularly excited this week about the 10-year-old child sensation Prieli Rubin!



Od Paam Paam – Hatikva 6

Mistovev – Aviv Gefen & Matti Caspi

Tachzeri Elav – Dana Berger

Mi SheShafui Meshuga – Shiri Maimon

Lichvod Ima – Prieli Rubin

HaTov Kore – Ethnix

Brito shel Avraham – Lior Farchi

Romi – Shlomi Shabat

Tipesh Chacham – Meir Ariel

BeVeiti HaNaul – Rita

Elohai – Ofra Haza

Micha Mocha – Hiphopshabbat

El Chai – Itzik Dadiya

Asher Bara – Naftali Kalfa


Photo: Hatikva 6 performing at Doris Bar. Credit: Dor Yakoboviz.

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