The Kol Cambridge Time Machine: 1970 – 1980


We continue Kol Cambridge’s ‘Time Machine’ series, which looks at the best in Israeli music for each decade of Israel’s existence, and analyzes┬áhow it reflected Israeli society at the time.

Today we travel through space and time back to the 1970s, a most marvellous decade!



Abanibi – Yizhar Cohen

Hallelyah – Milk & Honey

Adon Olam – Uzi Chitman

Choref 73 – Lehakat Cheil Chinuch

Demaot Shel Malachim – Fourteen Octaves

Shir HaYonah – Netanela

Lu Yehi – Shuli Natan

Chanale Hitbalbela – Tzlilei HaOud

Kmo Tzemach Bar – Chava Alberstein

Rutzi Shmulik – Ariel Zilber

Balada LeOzev Kibbutz – Kef Hatikva Hatova

Gever Holech LeIbud – Shlomo Artzi

Bo’i Nisha’er – Gidi Gov


Photo:┬áTzlilei HaOud (‘Sounds of the Oud’) in 1976, from the Camera 13 archive.

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