The Kol Cambridge Time Machine: 1970 – 1980


We continue Kol Cambridge’s ‘Time Machine’ series, which looks at the best in Israeli music for each decade of Israel’s existence, and analyzes how it reflected Israeli society at the time.

Today we travel through space and time back to the 1970s, a most marvellous decade!



Abanibi – Yizhar Cohen

Hallelyah – Milk & Honey

Adon Olam – Uzi Chitman

Choref 73 – Lehakat Cheil Chinuch

Demaot Shel Malachim – Fourteen Octaves

Shir HaYonah – Netanela

Lu Yehi – Shuli Natan

Chanale Hitbalbela – Tzlilei HaOud

Kmo Tzemach Bar – Chava Alberstein

Rutzi Shmulik – Ariel Zilber

Balada LeOzev Kibbutz – Kef Hatikva Hatova

Gever Holech LeIbud – Shlomo Artzi

Bo’i Nisha’er – Gidi Gov


Photo: Tzlilei HaOud (‘Sounds of the Oud’) in 1976, from the Camera 13 archive.

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