Songs of ‘slichot’: The Kol Cambridge Yom Kippur soundtrack


At this time of repenting, stock-taking, and general thoughtfulness, Kol Cambridge helps set the tone with the best Israeli and Jewish music on the theme of asking forgiveness.



Slichot Medley – The Revivo Project

Slicha – Amir Benayoun

Slicha – Peer Tasi

Aba Slicha – Hoodyman

Slicha – Karin Karmeli

Mitztaer – Eyal Golan

Slicha V’od Slicha – Smiley & Dr Chan Li

Mitztaeret – Noa Deutsch

Slicha – Matti Caspi

Adon HaSelichot – Itzik Kala

Adon HaSelichot – Naftali Kalfa

Yom Kippur Medley

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