The Kol Cambridge ‘Simchat Torah’ soundtrack


Once again Kol Cambridge is here to wish you a Chag Sameach!

We’re celebrating Simchat Torah – the conclusion and recommencement of the cycle of the Torah reading – with a specially themed show, including appropriately-themed contemporary songs together with all your old favorites from the festival.



Ad HaSof – Shlomi Shabat & Lior Farchi

Sof Ona Remix – HaShevet

Ad HaSof B’Yachad – Kobi Peretz

HaSof shel HaSipor – Aya Korem

Hatchala Chadasha – The Revivo Project

Nekudat HaHatchala – Ohed Chitman & Rona Keinan

Lehatchil Lehamshich – Ronit Shachar

HaTorah HaKedusha – Haim Israel

Torah HaKdosha – Yaakov Shwekey

Agil V’Esmach

Sisu Vesimchu, Sisu et Yerushalaim, Vehave Aleinu Medley

Simchat Torah Medley

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