The Kol Cambridge Time Machine: 1980 – 1990


With the chagim behind us, we continue Kol Cambridge’s ‘Time Machine’ series, which looks at the best in Israeli music for each decade of Israel’s existence, and analyzes how it reflected Israeli society at the time.

Today we travel through space and time back to the 1980s, so get those boomboxes ready!



Hora – Avi Toledano

Hai – Ofra Haza

BaChevra LeHaganat HaTeva – Ariel Zilber

Ba LaShchuna Bachur Chadash – Alon Olearchik

Perach BeGani – Zohar Argov

Biglal HaRuach – Shlomi Shabat

Eizo Medina – Eli Luzon

Tirkod – Shlomo Artzi

Ech Hu Shar – Dani Robas

Ani Chozer HaBaita – Doron Mezer

HaDerech el HaKfar – Rivka Zohar

Meir VeAon – Kaveret

Shir Ahuvat HaSapan – Rita

Shirim Peshutim – Shlomo Gronich

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