Weekend Soundtrack: An election special – Kol Cambridge


Election fever is all over Israel and we on Kol Cambridge are encouraging everyone to make the most of their democratic right with an hour of specially selected songs to get you in the election mood.



Kublena al Miflagot Yisrael – Hadag Nachash

Rosh HaMemshala – EZ

Tihiye Li Rosh HaMemshala – Sarit Hadad

Rosh HaMemshala – Shalom Chanoch

HaKol Politi – Gidi Gov

Lama Li Politika Achshav (Acoustic Version) – Mashina

Bocher Michadash – Eyal Golan

Bocheret Becha – Maayan Rudich

Masa Bechirot – Amir Benayoun

Bocheret Bi – Shiri Maimon

Bach Ani Bocher – Moshik Marciano

Bacharti Bach – Liran Tal

Livchor BaDerech – Yehuda Sa’ado

Otach Bacharti – Avihu Shabat

Bocheret Lihiyot – Dikla

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