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Shana tova from Kol Cambridge! We are bringing you some great new releases, including hits from Omer Adam, The Revivo Project, Yishai Levi, and more. And of course, to mark the new year and this special period of self-reflection, we’ll have a few pertinent tunes to get you in the right mood.

Chole al Mizrachit – Sapir Messika
Ana – Nadav Alfasi
Bo’ed BaNeshama – Yishai Levi
Yachtzan shel HaMedina – Itai Levi ft. VIVO
Sachkan – Kafe Shachor Chazak
Pa’am BaChayim – Omer Adam
Isha shel Gver Echad – HaTikva 6
Neshika BaLechi – Idan Bakshi
Jesta – Itai Levi ft. Peled & Henri Eli
Perach BaShmama – Itai Levi
Ad Sof HaOlam – Shir Levi
Shuvi – The Revivo Project
Adon HaSelichot – Itzik Kala
BaDerech L’Uman – Itzik Dadiya
Zochreinu L’Chaim – The Chevra

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