This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

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We’re here as always with an hour of the biggest and best new Israeli & Jewish tunes to bring the sound of Israel to wherever you are. This week we’re showcasing some of our favourite tracks from the new albums by Avior Malasa and Regev Hod, as well as hot new singles from Dudu Aharon, Kafe Shachor Chazak and many more!

Casanova – Eve & Lear
Sofash Lohet – Orion Nagar
Hawai – Riko
Kesef Kesef Kesef – Lior Meira
Lev Shikur – Avior Malasa
Neshima – Avior Malasa
Ein Chadash – Avior Malasa
Tagidi Ma Kore Lach – Maor Edri
HaKol Biglal HaGaagua – Dudu Aharon
Beit Sefer – Cedric & Matan Levi
Chadashot Tovot – Kafe Shachor Chazak ft Knisiat HaSechel
Tishari – Regev Hod
Mitpalel Alyaich BaKotel – Regev Hod
Chipushit Yeshana – Regev Hod
Melech HaOlam – Regev Hod
Lemaala – Moshe Douek

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