This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

We’re here again to bring you the best in Israeli & Jewish music. On this episode we’ll feature brand new releases from Eve & Lear, Lior Narkis, HaUltras, and more!

Salaam – Eve & Lear
Motzaei Shabbat – Idan Yaniv
Rikud Meshagea – Eti Levi
Mehareset – Lior Narkis
Ani Zocher – Rosh Groove
HaIsh HaPashut – Nitan Ben Ari
Ad SheHaBoker Ya’ale – Jamaya
Shvilim Chadashim – Ido Maimon ft Eden Darso
Trio B’Rio – HaUltras
Emtza HaLaila – Sapir Saban
Mitachat LaSmichot – Avigal Reef
Nishaer Siman – Nadav Philips
Malkat Yomuledet – Didi Dadon
Tarimu Li – Natali Peretz
Cairu – Adi Biti
Rak Chiyuchim Medley – The Revivo Project

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