This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

On this episode of Kol Cambridge, we’re sharing our favorite tracks from the debut album of Moti Taka – a musician you should keep an eye on. We’ve also got brand new releases from Peled and Eyal Golan, and a special song dedicated to Asaf Granit of Machneyuda fame.

Boom Boom – Moti Taka
Balbale – Moti Taka
Ose Ma Sheba Lo – Moti Taka
Ba Li Lirkod – Moti Taka
Asaf Granit – Lukatch
Shemesh – Echo
Meshubeshet – E-Z
Bitim – Peled
Hitahavti BaKtzina Sheli – Moti Taka
Kama Ra Li – Moti Taka
Shampania – Moti Taka
Gol BaDaka 90 – Moti Taka
Bezeq Hem Lo Ganavim – John Suissa
Kama Yamim – Eyal Golan & Moshe Peretz
Merci – Roi Sendler ft Brinx
Im Ninalu – Eliyakim Buta

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2 comments on “This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

  1. Love this!!!keep it coming!!

  2. stephen Krown says:

    hey ! the show is amazing just got back from the holy land drove over 1800 KM in a week
    spent most of my in the north with lots of open roads. really enjoyed to the scenery and
    blasting Kol Cambridge…. what a nature high!!!!!!! Listened to this tune Meshubeshet – E-Z
    over and over again. amazing. Was in country for my lone soldier daughters Teke at the

    Keep it coming!

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