This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

On this episode of Kol Cambridge, we’ll be listening to newly released albums by Nasrin Kadri and Moshik Afiya, and playing you the latest singles from Dudu Aharon, The Revivo Project, and Nadav Guedj.

Elokim Yishmor Aleinu – Dudu Aharon
Maawalim – Tiyus ft Eviyatar HaLevi
Kol HaMedina – Ido Vana ft Rico
Ma At Omeret – Nadav Guej
Hayom Yihiye Lanu Yafe – Nasrin Kadri
Tomru Lo – Nasrin Kadri
Karnaval Rak Hayom – Nasrin Kadri
Kum – Nasrin Kadri
Machrozet Melech Amiti – The Revivo Project ft Zehava Ben
Mechapeset Chatuna – Osher Aricha
Rak MaSheBaLi – Stalos & Oren Chen
Lo Chozer – Cedric ft Netanel Portal
Hine Ze Ba – Itai Levi ft Ma Kashur
El Moshia – Moshik Afia

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