Your Israeli Soundtrack of 2018

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

2018 has been another huge year for Israeli music and, in case you missed it, here’s our summary of the year’s best bits. Turn up your speakers because this is your soundtrack for the best Israeli New Year’s Eve party in town!

Maman – Itai Levy & Stephane Legar
Comme ci comme ca – Stephane Legar
Merci – Stephane Legar
Tukur – Moti Taka
Salaam – Eve & Lear
Ulai Nedaber – Nadav Guedj
Shnei Meshugaim – Omer Adam
Chaverot Shelach – Omer Adam
Kawaii – Static & Ben-el Tavori
Gumigam – Static & Ben-el Tavori
Ten LaMusica LeDaber – Subliminal
Trio B’Rio – HaUltras
Amen – Sarit Hadad
Chatunat HaShana – Eyal Golan & Itai Levi
Toy – Neta

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