Your Israeli Soundtrack for Pesach 2019

Photo: Hadas Parush/flash 90

This special holiday episode features Pesach themed songs, together with brand new music releases. This week, new tunes from Eyal Golan, Lior Narkis, Stephane Legar, and more!

Hafuch MiHayekum – Eyal Golan
Olam Yafe V’Chadash – Lior Narkis
Ma Niya – Formula
2019 – Stephane Legare
Mashu Chayav Likrot – Shlomo Artzi & Mosh Ben-Ari
Loop – Amir V’Ben
Dayeinu – The Maccabeats
Mah Nishtanah – The Maccabeats
Go Down Moses – Louis Armstrong
Get Down Moses (Let My People Flow) – Dr J Money & the OGs
Ma Nishtana
V’hi She’Amda
Avadimm Hayinu
Adir Hu
Ki Lo Na’e
Chad Gadya

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