Your Israeli National Holidays Soundtrack

Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

We attempt the remarkable feat of marking all of Israel’s national holidays (which take place within a week of each other) in one music show. We’ll remember the Shoah and Israel’s fallen soldiers, before going into party mode for Yom Haatzmaut (with some big new songs in the mix including the latest release from Stephane Legare).

Halicha L’Caesarea – HaGevatron
Ponar – Tzila Dagan
Avak v’Afar – Yehuda Poliker
Ima Sheli – Noa Kirel
Bab el Wad – Shoshana Damari
D’maot shel Malachim – Fourteen Octaves
Choref 73 – Lehakat Chinuch Meyuchad
K’she’tavo – Boaz Sharabi
Yom Huledet – Stephane Legar & Ofek HaMalach
Ein Li Eretz Acheret – Daniel Sa’adon
Eretz Ahuva – Subliminal ft Shlomi Shabat
Chagiga B’Yisrael – Lior Narkis & Dudu Aharon
Yisrael – Eyal Golan
Hatikvah – Tipex ft Sarit Hadad

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