Your Israeli Soundtrack for Shavuot

Photo: Anat Hermony/FLASH90

We’ve got new tracks from Noa Kirel, Dudu Aharon, Moshe Peretz, Lior Narkis, Omer Adam and a peek at the new Eyal Golan album.

With Shavuot approaching we’ve also found time for traditional songs to get you in the mood for the holiday.

Chatzuf – Noa Kirel
HaSimcha Shelanu – Dudu Aharon & Itai Levi
Zuz B’Teruf – Itai Levi
Shimla Levana – Moshe Peretz & Lior Narkis
Shikor BaLeilot – Eyal Golan
Sof Shavua – Eyal Golan
Lirkod Kmo Meshuga – Eyal Golan ft Vivo
Kama Tov Li SheBat – Eyal Golan
Ya’asu Lanu Kavod – Omer Adam
You My Life – Amit Sagi ft Ofek Adanek
Mi SheLo Tov Lo – Louis Ali
Mafchid – Noi Faldon
New Vibe – Formula
HaEmuna Boeret – Itzik Dadiya
B’chag HaShavuot
Salenu al K’tafeinu

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