Your Israeli Soundtrack for Pride Week

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Kol Cambridge is joining the annual TLV pride celebrations with our soundtrack dedicated to the best pride songs over the years and celebrating Israel’s LGBT artists.

Mi Mechapes Oti – Maor Edri & Karakukli
Tukur – Moti Taka
Brunette & Blonde – DJ Only & Ishtar
Katzefet Im Tut – Dudu Aharon
Malkat HaShoshanim – Eden Ben Zaken
Kirkas – Sarit Hadad
Po Ze Lo Europa – Margalit Tzaanani
Amalia – Lior Narkis
Tel Aviv – Omer Adam
HaKol Ze LaTova – Dana International
Mary LaNetzach – Ivri Lider
Boker Tov Motek – Harel Skaat
Mr DJ – Shorty ft Quami
Eretz Tropit Yafa – Yehudit Ravitz

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