This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

Photo by Hadas Parush/Flash90

We bring you the latest Israeli music releases, including new singles from Static & Ben-El, Omer Adam, HaUltras, and many more!

Bananot – Static & Ben-El
Tipus Romanti – Ben Zini & Taylor ft Lior Farchi
Tni Li Rega – Mergui
Bananot – Agam Buchbut
Yom HaShishi – Omer Adam
Shir HaRavak – Omer Adam
Titen La Prachim – Omer Adam
Temperatura – Omer Adam ft Richie Loop
Good Time – Yael Mas ft Tzagi Boy
Ech Shemagia HaKayitz – Ido Tzuriel ft Fishy HaGadol
HaKol Beseder – Ro’i Sendler
Osher – HaUltras
HaKol Mushlam – Eti Bitton
Yomaim – Dor Vaknin
Al Gag HaOlam – Yishai Levi & Sagiv Cohen
Yishtabach – Nemouel

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