This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

On this episode of Kol Cambridge, we check out the new Mergui EP with special studio guests. We also dedicate some songs to all the Hebrew learners out there.

Asur – Mergui
Madagascar – Mergui
Plus Echad – Mergui
Ma Yihiye – Mergui
Baruch Hashem – Kobi Peretz
Balagan – Sarit Hadad
Toda – Chaim Moshe
Ivri Daber Ivrit – Antithesis
Meusharim – Doli & Pan ft Liran Danino & Noa Kirel
Bon Bon – Nick & Max
Mesiba BaIr – Eliad Malki
Yesh Kan Rak Ahava – Elinor
Maman – Itai Levi & Stephane Legar
Zuz Mitzad Letzad – Momy Levy ft Shalosh Lerosh

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