Kol Cambridge’s Mishpachat TACT Soundtrack

Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

On this episode, we’re celebrating some of our favorite songs from Subliminal and his TACT family following a special request from one of our loyal listeners!

Chai MiYom L’Yom – Subliminal & HaTzel
HaFinali – Subliminal & HaTzel
Ani Yachol – Subliminal & HaTzel ft Ron Shuval
Biladi – Subliminal & HaTzel
Tikva – Subliminal & HaTzel ft Sivan
TACT All Stars – Subliminal & HaTzel, Shi 360, Ilan Babylon & Gabriel Butler
Prachim BaKane – Subliminal & HaTzel, Itzik Shamli, Sivan & Gabriel Butler
Peace in the Middle East – Subliminal & HaTzel, Shi 360, Ilan Babylon, Sivan & Gabriel Butler
Toro – Subliminal ft Alon de Loco & Itzik Shamli
Eretz Ahuva – Sublimnal ft Shlomi Shabat
HaMakom HaMushlam – Sublimnal ft Sivan
Ze Haya Beiti – Kele 6 ft Hila Harari
Tzalul Remix – Momy Levy ft Kashy

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