This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

Many new Israeli hip hop tracks have dropped recently and it’s time to bring them to your ears!

Special feature on the debut album of Shrek & Tzukush, with some other big releases, and also time for the latest hit from Dudu Aharon.

Lama Kol HaDrama – Shrek & Tzukush
Al Teshage’a Oti – Shrek & Tzukush ft TEdi Nagusa, Vik, 9mm, T.O.B., Draft & Liad Meir
Chamsa Chamsa – Shrek & Tzukush ft Almog Tabaka
Original – Shrek & Tzukush
Shvilim Chadashim – Ido Maimon ft Eden Darso
Litfos Ota – Ido Maimon ft Gai Mazig
Adayin – Ido Maimon ft Ravid Flornik, Shekel & Shmuel Yosef
Hakol Kore – Ido Maimon ft Cohen@Mushon & Ziv
Cypher – Tzukush ft Elbaz, Ariel Madhala, Freedom, Ziv Shavit & Plosio
Moshik Rot – Lukatch
Jegna Danse – Teddy Nagusa
Sababa 5 – Peled
Ahava MiMabat Rishon – Dudu Aharon
Tofeset – Carakukly

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