Kol Cambridge’s Swan Song

Despite best efforts, Kol Cambridge is going to take a break until it finds a new home. We could be sad – but what’s the point?

We want to leave on a high, and leave you with a great mix of Israeli music in a specially extended show. Turn up the volume, enjoy, and follow us on Facebook to find out when and how we’ll be back!

Mesiba Gedola – The Revivo Project
Bachur Ragish – Dudu Aharon
Yoter Midai Shanim – Regev Hod
Tagidu La – Dudu Aharon
Eshmor Alayich – Moshe Peretz
Lo Yafridu Beinenu – Dudu Aharon
Mahapecha – Omer Adam & Lior Narkis
Kmo Melech – Moshe Peretz
Shikorim MiAhava – Eden Ben Zaken
Silsulim – Static & Ben-el Tavori
Maman – Itai Levi & Stephane Legar
Tudu Bom – Static & Ben-el Tavori
V’David Yefe Einayim – A-WA
Tel Aviv – Cohen@Mushon
Gever Ohev – HaUltras ft Idan Gabai
Erev Tov Lach – Lior Narkis
Neshika Achat Mimech – Eyal Golan
Baniti Alayich – Omer Adam
Ein Kamoch – Moshe Peretz
At Achla Chamuda – Beni Bashan ft Boom Pam
BMW Shchura – Ethnix
Tziltzulei Paamonim – Daklon
Na’ari Shuva Elai – Margol
Tzeva L’Chaim – Subliminal
Ten LaMusica LeDaber – Subliminal
Pouch – Noa Kirel
Yihiye Beseder – Kafe Shachor Chazak
Derech HaShalom – Peer Tasi
Tazizu – Eden Ben Zaken
Sara Shara – Sarit Hadad
Hatikva – Tipex & Sarit Hadad

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6 comments on “Kol Cambridge’s Swan Song

  1. Noah Efron says:

    Always loved your show! I’ll miss it…

    1. Joni Brenner says:

      I’ll miss you very much. Yes. Signing up to be a supporter

      1. DJ Antithesis says:

        Thank you Joni! Thanks to you we will soon be back on air!

    2. DJ Antithesis says:

      Thanks Noah…but fortunately we’ll be back very soon! Stay tuned…

  2. Irving Greenberg says:

    Sorry to not have you around. Come back real soon.

    1. DJ Antithesis says:

      Thanks Irving – a few more days and we’ll be back stronger than ever!

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