Kol Cambridge Returns for Pesach

Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

With huge thanks to our patrons and to the ROI Community, Kol Cambridge is back! Escape with us on a journey through Israeli music – with no mention of current affairs – with brand new releases from Static & Ben-El, Omer Adam, Lior Narkis, Itai Levi and many others. You will not want to pass-over this show.


Feker Libi – Eden Alene
Boom Boom Pam – Louis Ali
We – Static & Ben-el Tavori ft Miri Messika
Tiri Ma Asit – Stephane Legar
Yachad – Lior Narkis, Moshe Peretz & Omer Adam
Ma’amin B’Nisim – Regev Hod
Yesh Devarim SheLo Osim – Omer Adam
La’asot Itach Shalom – Eyal Golan
Igul – Tal Shevach
Mamshich Ha’ala – Shrek & Tzukush ft Almog Tabaka
Papi – Katrix
Bumale – E-Z ft Shachar Soul
Meshugaim Majnin – Louis Ali
Yechefa – Itai Levi
Banim V’Gam Banot – Lior Narkis & Moshiko Mor
Rakata – Eden Alene
Tadlik et HaEsh Remix – Yaakov Shwekey ft DJ Niso Slob
Yesh Ha Remix – Itzik Eshel ft DJ Niso Slob
Ma Nishtana
Vehi She’amda
Avadim Hayinu
Adir Hu
Betzet Yisrael
Chad Gadya
Arba’ah Achim

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