Your Israeli Soundtrack for July

Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

We’ve got an incredible show to get you in a fantastic summer mood. Brand new releases from Static & Ben-el, Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken, Stephane Legar, and Itai Levi. But the cherry on top is a massive Kol Cambridge exclusive.


Rak Banot – Stephane Legar & Itai Levi
Osim Kavod Lalaila – Lior Narkis
Zot Ani – Ella Li
Shavua Tov – Avraham Tal
Ichikidana – BEMET ft Hatikva 6, Omri 69 & Michael Suissa
Ichikidana – Ann B
Million Dollar – Not Kirel ft Shachar Soul
Kuku Riku – Omer Adam & Eden Ben Zaken
Habib Albi – Static & Ben-el Tavori ft Nasrin Kadri
Mitbashelet Le’at – Tair Haim
My Lady – Teddy Neguse
Nishbar Lanu – E-Z
Ein Kmo Yisrael – Yishai Saydof
Tel Aviv Ze Ani V’At – Amir v’Ben ft Jane Bordeau

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