Your Israeli Soundtrack for October

Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

On this episode, we spin the latest Israeli tunes including new releases from Itai Levi, Ron Shuval, Gal Malka, and have a listen to Moti Tala’s new EP.


  • Shmor Alai – Itai Levi, Ana Zak & Agam Buchbut
  • Tamid Kadima Club Remix – Subliminal ft Triple & Soul J
  • Tesha V’Chetzi – DJ Gal Malka & Sagi Breitner
  • Carnaval – Ron Shuval
  • Papa – Moti Taka
  • Korim Li Kacha V’Kacha – Moti Taka
  • Siman – Moti Taka
  • Barake – Roisha ft Shrek & Tzukush
  • Ahlan Beik – Elkana Marciano & Waleed Al-Jasim
  • Mechapsim Ota – On-Yame
  • Luna – Meni Ezra
  • Namuch – Adi Ulmansky
  • Malkat HaLaila – Yoav Yitzchak
  • Chof Acher – Afek Lamor

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