Your Israeli Soundtrack for February

Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

We’re getting in the mood for the festive month of Adar with a collection of the latest and greatest Israeli tunes, including new releases from Eden Alene, Agam Buchbut, Idan Raichel, Eden Ben Zaken and many others.


  • Set Me Free – Eden Alene
  • Meshuga’at – David Buzaglo
  • Nafal Lach HaKeter – Linoya
  • Hype – Copy Paste
  • Mitga’ga’at Otcha – Idan Raichel & Eden Ben Zaken
  • Stzena shel Preida – Elmor Ashkenazi
  • Ze Beseder Tza’ad Echad – Tzaguy Boy
  • Kulam Omrim – Rotem Cohen
  • Yahalom – Agam Buchbut
  • Mami Ze Shelach – Ron Shuval
  • Farses – Alis
  • Od Echad SheSharLach – Guy Mazig
  • Ani BaChutz – Chen Aharoni
  • Lirkod K’she’atzuv – Lee Biran
  • Tipa shel Gever – Cherie Adar-Haviv
  • Varod Zoher – Or Amrami-Bruckman
  • Purim Medley – Micha Gamerman

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